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Assuredly a mirror in a bathroom add something to the decoration of it and light up the space and yo....more


Bath Shower Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd ,located at the Metro City in USA, is a manufacturer and global supplier specialized in producing and providing the quality Bathroom Vanities,Bathroom Mirrors,Bathroom Accessories and other related products .The company is located THIRTY minutes away from the International Airport and THREE hours from the largest Sea port. The company concentrates on MANUFACTURING and SELLING different styles of Bathroom Vanities,Bathroom Mirrors,Bathroom Accessories ,shower enclosures and other assorted products....more







Toilet is two kinds of circumstances, one kind is the Bathroom Vanities is larger and wet partition, Another kind is relatively small space, the area or not is not so good.

In the first case, mostly in the space of dry area, also is the place that take the Bathroom Mirrors door, wet area by some relative. Can use suitable for their style of any kind.

The 2nd kind of circumstance is common, only a small space, and bathroom toilet, even only four square metre. So wet partition is not so easy, optional door probably have the following kinds:

1, choose to use assured, but not too beautiful bath tub fixtures website.

2, the selection of the core wood Bathroom Vanities face plate, waterproof, but the Bathroom Accessories door, the style is available for selection.

3, choose alloy (also called alloy aluminum and magnesium) material door, waterproof properties is good, style, color is rich, but the quality is not stable, other needless to say, light material thickness can see, as long as the quality of good quality, use the Bathroom Mirrors door should be the best choice

4, stainless steel and glass, waterproof and performance are good, but the price is high, the Bathroom Accessories is decorated in common use don't bargain.